Maintaining quality

BSACI has a very active Standards of Care Committee (SOCC), which conducts national audits of allergy practice and prepares guidelines to support the implementation of best clinical practice. BSACI is one of a relatively small number of NICE-approved organisations for this purpose and all of their guidelines are prepared using the most rigorous evidence-based processes. A series of practice guidelines for common allergic problems has been generated through the SOCC.

SOCC also coordinates regular audits of clinical practice, which are supported and financed through BSACI. In addition, everyone providing clinical allergy services is expected and encouraged to participate in local governance processes. BASCI has also issued a number of position statements.

Improving Quality in Allergy Services (IQAS) is the accreditation scheme for adult allergy services in the UK. It is hosted by the Royal College of Physicians with the support of the Royal College of Pathologists. Allergy services engage in a self-led programme of quality improvement before being assessed against established best-practice standards, which have been developed after extensive consultation with the allergy community and with patients. Those who are found to meet the standards are accredited for five years, subject to an annual renewal process.

The Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services (QPIDS) accreditation scheme is the equivalent for adult and paediatric immunology services.