Dementia and memory services

The care of people with dementia is a core area of work for geriatricians, but there is also a key role for psychogeriatricians and their specialist teams, particularly in treating people with more complex symptoms. 

The nature of frailty and multimorbidity is that physical and psychiatric issues often occur simultaneously and are intricately connected. 

Older people under the care of a psychiatric team should be able to access prompt medical care when it is needed; conversely those with predominantly physical problems should also have access to specialist psychiatric input.

Liaison services should allow geriatricians to access specialist psychiatry input for an older person when needed, whether they are a medical inpatient or in a rehabilitation facility, care environment or their own home. Likewise, older people in specialist psychiatric care should be able to readily access the skills of a geriatrician without necessarily being admitted to hospital.

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