Acute services (unscheduled care)

Almost 20% of acute medical admissions (including stroke) result from neurological disorders. Some are life threatening and require early specialist intervention. At present, early access to neurological specialist advice is not available in many DGHs in the UK, as reported in the RCP and ABN working party report (opens PDF, 468KB) as well as the ABN’s acute neurology survey. An increase in neurology sessions in larger DGHs would provide more timely access to specialist opinions for patients admitted with neurological disorders, accompanied by appropriate access to relevant neurological investigations, eg neuroradiology and neurophysiology. Where this is not viable, some centres are developing telemedicine and other services (for example, the Neuro Network at the Walton Centre in Liverpool).

Patients with acute neurological disorders need to be managed on one ward of the hospital with suitably trained nursing staff. This is supported by a study of 24-hour acute neurological care. Therapists and neurological rehabilitation can then be linked to this specialist team. 

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