District general hospital neurology centres

Neurologists increasingly work together in a neurology centre based at a DGH. They provide a general and specialist neurological service with clinical neurophysiology, neuroradiology, and neurorehabilitation services but without inpatient neurosurgical facilities, which are delivered at regional neuroscience centres. These centres may have inpatient beds for the care of acute neurological emergencies and the investigation of patients with complex neurological disease. The RCP and ABN recommend the further development of these DGH neurology centres across the UK in their working party report (opens PDF, 468KB) on local services for adults.

Other district general hospitals

When neurologists are not based at a DGH, services are provided by neurologists who visit from the regional neuroscience centre. They provide outpatient services and a consultation service for inpatients who are usually under the direct care of general physicians. This varies widely across the UK; many DGHs only have a neurologist visiting on 3 days per week (not including annual leave), and some have no neurologists visiting at all. Out-of-hours and 7-day services are provided by the regional centres. Patients requiring inpatient neurological care will be transferred to the neuroscience centre and more complex neurological investigations will be done at the neuroscience centre. The ABN has carried out a review of what services are provided where.

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